Ladies 1 Pair Thought Bamboo and Organic Cotton Striped Socks Raspberry Pink 4-7 Ladies


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Brightly multicoloured, with vibrant mixes of broad and slim bands, these beautifully soft and breathable ladies’ Thought Bamboo and Organic Cotton Striped Socks can easily add excitement to an outfit and instantly liven up everyday shoes and trainers. Thought socks are made to care for you, soft next to the skin, highly breathable and with comfortable smooth toe seams, and with care for the environment too. Silky-soft as a yarn, bamboo is one of the fastest growing and most renewable crops, and Thought ensure theirs is organically grown too. The organic cotton for these socks is grown naturally, using up to 91% less water, and harvested by hand. Even the recycled polyester reuses PET bottles, helping keep them in use and out of landfill.

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