Ladies 3 Pair SOCKSHOP TORE 100% Recycled Heel and Toe Cotton Trainer Socks Black Navy / Grey / Pink 4-8 Ladies


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We want people to enjoy our socks, and we want to enjoy producing them too. Lately though, we’ve found it hard to enjoy what impact waste from the fashion industry is having on our planet, so we decided to do something about it. Because this triple pack of SOCKSHOP TORE 100% Recycled Heel and Toe Cotton Trainer Socks, and indeed, all our innovative TORE (TOtally REcycled) range, are completely made of recycled materials. That’s every single fibre, thread and strand, given a second useful life, wasting nothing. These cotton blend ladies’ low ankle socks are ideal for sports shoes, casual shoe and trainers, with three colour contrast heel and toe styles per pack. They’re as fine and soft, as breathable and as comfortable as you’d want, but kinder to the planet’s resources. The colour dyes used are non-harmful. The cardboard packaging is recycled. By finding ways to using only recycled materials, we’re saving the equivalent of 2 years of drinking water, and diverting 2.4 water bottles and 0.6 t-shirts from becoming landfill. Won’t you try TORE socks and feel good about your fashion too?

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