Ladies 3 Pair Wildfeet Plain, Patterned and Contrast Heel Bamboo Trainer Socks Contrast Black Pink / Teal 4-8


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Why go sock-less when it feels so much better to wear a pair of these silky-smooth, super-soft and breathable fine gauge Wildfeet Plain, Patterned and Contrast Heel Bamboo Trainer Socks? They put a lightweight, protective and comfortable barrier between you and your trainers. Made from a bamboo rich blend of fibres, this three pair pack of ladies’ trainer liner socks help prevent uncomfortable rubbing and blisters from the seams and tough fabrics used inside sports shoes, particularly when you’re creating a lot of friction from activity and movement. These low cut women’s socks ensure drier, fresher feet with bamboo’s superior moisture absorption and fast wicking ability. Bamboo can be worn by anyone, is gentle on even sensitive skin, and can naturally resist odours and bacterial growth. The fibres expand and contract with changes in heat, giving these socks thermo-regulation properties that mean your feet remain at a consistent, even temperature. Because bamboo uses less water, grows quicker and can release more oxygen (up to 35% more than trees) it is is a renewable, sustainable crop that helps the environment.

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